Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

People Performance Optimization Process (PPOP)

What is PPOP?

People Performance Optimization Process (PPOP) works with the Winslow Assessment program and offers the following services.

  • Winslow profiles for each team member.
  • Coaching team members to maximize communication and performance for individuals as well as team potential.
  • Executive management coaching and consulting to maximize leadership, increase collaboration and cooperation, reduce conflict and enhance strategic development and growth.
  • Providing clarity in the definition of effective roles and positions and responsibilities, emphasizing the need for synergy, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Team development to enhance the growth potential and team synergy, especially as it integrates with the future strategic functioning of the organization.

Leadership Development

Transition Point Business Advisors works in teaching leadership qualities, including communication and the ability to motivate others and management, to those individuals in a leadership position.

Executive Coaching

In order for an individual or individual in an organization to grasp the fast-paced changes in today’s ever more demanding atmosphere, Transition Point Business Advisors works as an Executive Coach to focus on one thing: improving your performance as a leader.  We work with you by helping you make the most of your natural abilities and finding ways to work around your weaknesses.

Through this process, we work with you to help improve your performance and personal effectiveness while reducing stress. And we can offer a rare opportunity to stand back and to take a fresh look at the experiences and assumptions of a lifetime. It can facilitate enhanced self-awareness that is often required for sustaining positive change.

Outcomes from this kind of coaching experience include:

  • Greater Clarity and Prioritization
  • Greater Focus
  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Renewed Commitment and Confidence
  • Improved Balance in all Aspects of Life
  • Greater Effectiveness and Better Performance

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